‘Nikki’s Painting’ 1984


32″ x 32″ – oil on masonite.

3 thoughts on “‘Nikki’s Painting’ 1984

  1. I recently found, loved, and bought a similar painting in Milwaukee. Oil on masonite, 32″ x 32″. Bears a label from the Henri Gallery. I am looking for information about it.


  2. Nicala, Thank-you for being so observant and for taking the time and interest to search for more information! In fact, that was one of my intentions in creating this blog; to document my past work and note it’s current whereabouts. Yes, the painting is an original one-of-king painting that was made in my studio on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in 1983-4 as part of a group of larger painting with a similar theme, and sold to a collector from Henri Gallery (now defunct). Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of the original buyer but I can hazard a guess that it may have part of an estate sale. There was a curator from the Milwaukee Art Museum who bought a painting of mine -https://billroseberry.com/2013/03/25/emperor-of-china-1984-oil/ – from Henri Gallery around the same time for his private collection and may very well have purchased this painting as well. He died some years ago and that would explain its current location. If you have any more questions about the painting or wish to send me a photo in its current environment to confirm it is the painting you own, you may contact me @ and I will note it as being in your collection. I’m happy you’re enjoying it and wish it were still mine. 🙂 – Bill


    • Bill, Thanks for getting back to me. I am thrilled to have more information about the painting. Attached is a photo that I happen to have handy. I haven’t hung it yet – my house is undergoing renovations. Nikki[cid:d6c87eec-3739-4f5f-8261-dff70b428262]

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